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Parenting When We Are No Longer Together
Parents Need Help Too
Tyrone Tanner, Ed.D

Parents Need Help Too Parents Need Help Too
"Parents Need Help Too: A Guide for parents of school-age children"
Tyrone Tanner, Ed.D


About Us

This online parenting course and the book, Parenting When We Are No Longer Together, were created to help empower parents to be the best parents for their child. This course was created with your child's best interest in mind. The course is unique because it was written by an educator who has been through the separation process and is passionate about education on co-parenting. The course also has great influence from mental health professionals because Parenting When We Are No Longer Together understands the importance of your emotional needs being addressed before being able to effectively co-parent. It is our hope that you finish the course not just fulfilling the requirement of the court, but feeling equipped and empowered.

More about our philosophy

We believe in the importance of both parents working together to raise healthy children. We believe that as loving parents you would never intentionally hurt your children. Following the advice found within this course will help you to avoid unintentionally hurting them. We know that you are dealing with your own emotional distress, but you must take time to observe how your children are coping with everything. It is essential to your child's positive adjustment and long-term emotional health that you are working to remove any negative effects from divorce or separation, so that you can co-parent effectively.

This course is about co-parenting through divorce or separation and much of the focus is on your children. The focus should be on them, but they will not be well cared for if you don't care for yourself. Focus on your healing and you will be able to make wise decisions. Negative experiences in life don't have to define our outcomes; we can always rise above painful or difficult situations. You can make the best of your experience and use this for a growth opportunity. Painful change can bring about needed growth and maturity. Be encouraged and transformed into someone greater!

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